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Americas Great Resorts eMail Production Specs:

Required Deliverables (Optimum time frame should be 5 days prior to deployment):

  • Subject line - Please note that certain words that are commonly seen on spam subject lines will not be successful. Please avoid words such as free, dollars, $, sign-up, advertising, etc.

  • Email addresses that we will be sending the test and seeded email to.

  • URL to where the HTML creative is hosted. FOR AGR TO HOST CREATIVE THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE of $100

  • CHECK - Full payment must accompany the creative before deployment.


Follow the html rules below in order to achieve best deliverability results.
  • Include html, head, title, body, table, tr, td tags. (No tbody tags)
  • Include all direct tracking and image links. Please use full URL paths.
  • Fill out all tags, such as image width, height, border, and alt tags – leave no tags empty!
  • Do NOT include Image Ready, Fireworks or any unnecessary code.
  • Do NOT include CSS or Javascript, nor link to a CSS or Javascript file and try to avoid Inline Style.
  • Do NOT include video or Flash files.
  • It is suggested that the total width of email should not exceed 600 pixels wide.
  • It is suggested that the total file size of all the images do not exceed 60K.
  • It is suggested you include a separate text only version along with your html creative.
Any questions please call Larry Smuckler at 818-222-2043 or eMail to nmedials@pacbell.net