Hospitality Marketing Email Program

Here’s proof our luxury hospitality marketing email program delivers. You can see it in our excellent conversion record.

The following case studies demonstrate the power of our customer base in generating new customer revenue. We have delivered on every program we have deployed this year when we could run a conversion study. By the way, all of the following conversion results represent new customer revenue.

Hammock Beach

Deployed 3 emails in last year and a half
ROI: Generated over 243 new customer bookings

Deployed 2 emails in 2019
ROI: Generated over 170 new customer bookings

Hotel Bennett Charleston

Deployed 6 emails in 2019
ROI: Generated over 293 new customer bookings

Deployed 5 emails in 2019
ROI: Generated over 220 new customer bookings

Hotel Villagio (Sonoma/NAPA)

Deployed 52,083 emails
ROI: Generated over 140 new customer bookings. ROI of 80-1

Montage Palmetto Bluff

Deployed over 52,000 emails in May 2019 ROI: Generated over 52 new customer bookings

Ventana Big Sur

Deployed several emails Cost: w/ ADR over $1,000 per night ROI: Created 50 new customer bookings

Windstar Cruises

Deployed 100,000 emails ROI: Generated 175 new customer bookings
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